To The Garden We Go…..

Its almost time….what time – Garden Time!
The boys and I are itching to get into the garden and outside as much as possible that waiting till the last spring frost has been taking forever. The garden has been prepared, thanks to my little bumpkins this past week. Since the farmers almanac for 2014 states the frost for Springfield, IL should be complete on Sunday, April 13th – It looks like soon we will be able to start planning and planting our garden together.


I love the time with the boys when we get to pick and eat what we grown, even when most of it is not items they normally would eat every day.

What will you grow this summer? Will it be tomatoes, lettuce, peppers?  We shall see what works in ours.

For ideas – check out my pinterest board for gardening!


Happy Gardening To you and your family!




iPad, oh how I loathe you…..

There are very few things I despise or loathe in this world, but there is one that has come to the top of my list just in this past weekend – our iPad. It wasn’t always like this – I used to love using it and seeing my children also being able to use the features it offered.

See before our family had an iPad, we all did more together as a family. We played games together, colored, hide and seek, interacted more, doing more outside of a “screen”….the list goes on and on. But since Apple products have found their way into our home I have seriously resented introducing the iPad to my eldest son, JD.

You’re probably wondering why would she hate such a wonderful, multitasking product that could help make my life easier, and could be used as a teaching tool?20140119-154722.jpg

Our iPad was initially used for my husband for work. When it came home every now and then we would all get to use it. I was excited for our family to have one to allow us to use it to connect to the Internet without being in the home off at our pc. We slowly introduced JD to it because at the time apps where slowly being developed and we were hesitant to let our little one use it without parental help. Now realize we at the time had iPhones and occasionally allowed him to watch Sesame Street videos, PBS, and many more on them when we would go to dinner, and while we would travel.

I thought it was great when we would find educational games with counting, letters, sight words and more. What started our as a good piece of technology that was helping our family in a multitude of ways was slowly turning on me. Games like temple run and minion rush have now moved in and have overwhelmed my lil JD that the educational games never get played anymore. Don’t get me wrong these games are fun at times in MODERATION. Not only is this game playing on our home iPad but it has extended to our phones and not just mommy and daddy’s but also on into the grandparent’s phones.  I have already deleted those games that are not educational and will continue to keep my phone “game” free unless it has some type of educational purpose for the boys to enjoy learning.

Yes I know at times it is easier to give a child a phone to watch a movie or play a game to give you a few seconds to yourself. Trust me I know I am part to blame for this. And that is why after a weekend of hell of throwing fits and crying, screaming – “I want the iPad” over and over again that I am standing my ground and no longer allowing the iPad to be the “babysitter” per say to keep my child entertained.

We enjoy the library, we enjoy being outside, we like doing things together so iPad my friend, my dear – I think you’re days are numbered here soon. You may be a reward for a WEEK of great school work, no fits, etc. I see you as a 10-15 minute reward on the WEEKENDs but you will never again be “babysitting” or entertaining my child for hours on end. I’m stopping this now! And I hope you my readers, do the same. What happened to having fun, learning, games, reading, interacting with others before technology grew so big?