Living up to God’s Expectations – Are you?

No matter where we go in this world, there are certain expectations we must live up to. In our homes, in our jobs, at school,…..We are held accountable for living up to the standards that have been set, and failure to do so often meets with consequences that we did not or were not prepared for. What do you expect out of your life each day? What do you expect out of your children each day?   What does God expects of me, you and everyone in general? Do you know? Do you acknowledge it?beautiful-scenes-28

The world that we live in each day has put extra stress on everyone, young and old, to be perfect and socially it expects so much. I am not perfect. I don’t want to be. I however want to be sure that I have a balance of being happy and yet successful in life, in my career and at home as a wife and mother. When it comes to my family they come first before anything. Our faith which I expect and want to be strong with understanding of what God has prepared for us and his knowing is something that at times is pushed to the back burner. We get caught up in the “heat of the moment” or the constant rush to each activity we have planned/scheduled, where our schedules press upon us and we forget to take the time to remember what God had planned, giving him praise for the days he has given us or has shown us to do in so many situations. Even forgetting in just the small moments to take a second and recognize that he has given you or others so much to be thankful for –who would of thought!

Hindsight is 20/20……what should of happened and what did are many times different in stressful situations. We are creatures of behavior. Why change something when before it used to work, or better yet in the home – I’m the parent why can’t the child make the change? Have you thought though that maybe as a parent your reasoning and your child’s is not in sync? Realistically they won’t be unless they are older. My two are young and taking the extra second to actually understand and listen can make a huge different in situations that can turn out being stressful for them. Children can have a hard time explaining what they need, want or would like when they are younger. Explaining their emotions tops it all. Talking through miscommunications or difference might be a good example to them. Learning to consider alternatives?   Knowing that not being “perfect” is ok? Knowing God has a plan for us all and he expects us to live through him, pray to him asking for help in times of need and giving him praise…..Sounds pretty easy right? But how come it becomes so hard for some……

Sometimes I think as adults we expect way too much out of our young children because of the pressures of the world pressed on us, the parents, by society. They are children, young, innocent little mini-me’s taking in each day. If we expect our children to act as we do – shouldn’t we give them great examples?!

Again, I stress I am not perfect. Nor do I want to be or want others to be either. I have my good days and I have my bad days, where both have been observed by my children. God help me on the bad days and I’m thankful that he helps me to be patient with them on the days that are good. Let’s face it There are days where I (you) come home stressed or tired from a long day at work and it follows me (you) home and lashes out in situations where a simple prayer, time of reflection and deep breath could have centered my (your) foundation for that moment to connect with my children without angst. All they expect is to be able to tell you about their day, what they need at the moment, etc. It’s hard for adults, and I speak from some of my own personal joys/frustrations. I’ve learned from these times that taking the time to be calm, talking through itleavesems where understanding as a parent and a child can really be for the best are expected for a happy home. My kids expect me to be there for them and I will always!

God made each and every one of us for a special reason. He has given us so much and expects little in return.   Your needs, the things you believe you want, and your expectations of what makes life meaningful can only be brought into harmony by deciding how you will live your life. Will you live by your expectations? Will you live by God’s expectations and serve Him? Will I live and show my children how to see and be with God every day, living out his expectations? Showing them by setting an example? Taking the time to explain so they can understand?

“God does not demand perfection in you. God is not expecting you to measure up. God never thought that you could live the Christian life, nor does he expect that you could actually meet his holy standards. If he thought that you could, he wouldn’t have come to earth to die for you. But he did.” – Anonymous


Summer Fun

Wow – its July 17th, almost 1 month till school starts! Time flies when your having fun right? This summer has been a fun one….one of great learning for our entire family. J has had the opportunity to be able to take part in some really neat summer classes that I’m very happy we took advantage of.

This summer J attending LLCC College for Kids here in Springfield. I was a little worried if he would like it however it was a hit! He got to do classes such as Dig it – jacksonllcc2arranged around fossils and dinosaurs which he loves!, to Experience Science class and Math in Cards Class…..I look forward to next years announcement of the classes available! Now on to soccer camp and basketball shooting camp before the big day of starting 1st grade!!

Camps, Camps and More Camps…..I’m glad we have these available to us in the summer and hope that many other parents use these opportunities to help keep their kids thinking throughout the summer. Are you looking for some insight on new activities to do with your little ones? Check out my Educational Ideas for the Boys pinterest board. Maybe just maybe you’ll find something of interest!

Happy Summer Fun Time!