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Summer Fun

Wow – its July 17th, almost 1 month till school starts! Time flies when your having fun right? This summer has been a fun one….one of great learning for our entire family. J has had the opportunity to be able to take part in some really neat summer classes that I’m very happy we took advantage of.

This summer J attending LLCC College for Kids here in Springfield. I was a little worried if he would like it however it was a hit! He got to do classes such as Dig it – jacksonllcc2arranged around fossils and dinosaurs which he loves!, to Experience Science class and Math in Cards Class…..I look forward to next years announcement of the classes available! Now on to soccer camp and basketball shooting camp before the big day of starting 1st grade!!

Camps, Camps and More Camps…..I’m glad we have these available to us in the summer and hope that many other parents use these opportunities to help keep their kids thinking throughout the summer. Are you looking for some insight on new activities to do with your little ones? Check out my Educational Ideas for the Boys pinterest board. Maybe just maybe you’ll find something of interest!

Happy Summer Fun Time!


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