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My New Adventure, Etsy Here I come

So I have decided to take a small step into my own business and I say small because its starting with only one area – Invitation & Announcement creation. Wow right!? Some would ask me why – you already have so many irons in the fire and this would just add to it. As a mom, career women, wife, friend, aunt, school-helper – this list could go on….I have asked myself multiple times “why not?”. I have fallen in love with creating cards and invitation for my family and close friends. For some time now, instead of buying the store bought party invites or Christmas cards (which by the way can be nice) I always wanted to take a more personal approach and really develop something that displays more about us, what we are about, and what we love about life. I love using my creative mind and trying to find a way to take the party or purpose and relaying it into the piece. I’ve decided to start with putting my creations on to Etsy – a global marketplace for many items. Have you used this before? If not I urge you to check it out.

print samplesSo I might be crazy with adding something new to my bucket – however I’m excited and empowered! Why not do something each day where I can know that I can help put a smile on someone else face by creating and capturing something they love for a birthday party, for a baby’s first view on the world in a baby announcement or something as simple as celebrating the birth of our lord with a beautifully designed Christmas greeting. I take this step knowing it will be something new, something that could really take off and I am hopeful that I can exceed at this!

Are you interested in taking a step into the wild with me? Then check out my Etsy shop! I have some of my most recent items up for display and can’t wait to see what else I could help create for others.

Learn more about my Etsy shop –
K Fyans Design” is all about -Custom Invitations/Announcements; I absolutely LOVE and have a passion for creating unique personable invites and announcement cards. Each invitation or announcement you see in my shop is one that I have created specifically for customers, using the theme or ideas they were looking for! Shop ImageIf you don’t see something like what you’re looking for, I’ll make it! Message me and we can make your card come to life. Both physical or digital invitations can be purchased for any of the items listed in my shop. If you see an item that does not currently feature a physical listing, please don’t hesitate to message me! I’d be happy to make and send you actual invitations for your order.




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