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The 18 Month Sleep Regression

We have hit it… You know the time when your baby is technically a toddler and they are making their way through a transition, another transition,…and not just any transition but the sleeping transition.

C has finally gotten feeling better and back to sleeping through the night when all of a sudden he’s starting to wake at night and won’t go back to sleep with just a simple reassurance as he has in the past few weeks. I’m confused, tired, perplexed on what is going on….. I’ve been reading and hoping that I would come across the magical solution or wand per say that I could use to make this trying time simply go away and allow everyone in our home get back to their nightly ritual of getting a good night’s sleep with no interruptions. And they lived happily ever after. The End. Hey now, this isn’t a fairy tale or make believe – its real life and therefore life sometimes give us some struggles to push through. This being one of them…

20140226-112507.jpgOur night time ritual for C is simple. Bath by 6:45, Read a few books with lullaby music in the back ground, drink if needed and then cuddle while rocking in rocker until just asleep at 7:30 if not sooner. Now this works for most nights – and he’s out until about 1030-11pm. Then the waking begins. Some nights more than others. I’ve contemplated with “has he had enough to eat at dinner, did he eat something that made his tummy hurt, is it his 2 year old molars, is he wet, lost the pacifier, “ I mean my list could go on and on.

Today 20140226-112514.jpghowever, I have decided (solely because of the research I have done the past few days that has lead me to decide this) he has met with the 18 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION!!! Agggghhhhh

My research has lead me to the following information on sleep regression. Most people use sleep regression to mean that a baby or toddler, who’s been sleeping well, suddenly (often without any warning) begins waking frequently at night and/or refusing to nap during the day. C will nap with no problem however the length is always of question. These regressions usually last for a period of time (anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks), and then the baby’s sleep returns to its normal patterns. And I so hope so!!

Interesting to note too is that babies and toddlers have this sleep regression not just at 18 months! It can occur around 4 months, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18 and then again at 24 months. I’m happy to note that we have just now had to deal with the regression at 18 months and no sooner as some parents might have had to. I hope that after we make it through this one that the 24 month will keep away! I’m happy to say The Baby Sleep Site has been very helpful for me and C as he continues to grow. I used their site a few times in the transition from bassinet to crib and the slight bumps along the way up until today.

20140226-112526.jpgHere are some other helpful websites I have found good useful information in regards to sleep regression and sleep in general for toddlers. My plan to make it through is to stick to our guns and what has worked for us and hope that after the 2-6 weeks that we are back to being sleeping beauties!

The Sleep Lady – Toddler Sleep Problems
The Baby Sleep Site
Sleep Tight Consultants
National Sleep Foundation – Children & Sleep


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