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Our fight for air

Well, today is the day. At 10:55am our team, smokeless and the bandits take on 32 flights of stairs.

As nervous as I am I because of under preparation and a cold that seems to continue to linger I’m hopeful Ill do well. I’ve done some reading and took some pointers of other fellow climbers – slow and steady pace, control breathing from the get go, and taking water as needed at the water stations.

Thank you also to Julie Deardorff and you article in the Chicago Tribune- “During a competition, pay attention to your breathing and find your pace. Nicola suggests not exceeding 30 breaths per minute. If your legs are on fire and your chest is heaving, stop, relax and restart at a reduced pace, he said.

“I break the race apart in three pieces,” said 36-year-old Cindy Harris of Indianapolis, one of the world’s best female stair climbers and the women’s six-time defending champion of the Hancock. At 5 foot 1 and 95 pounds, Harris can fling herself up the stairs. “The first third I find my pace. I work harder in the second [stretch], and in the third, I see what I have left.”

“Terry Purcell, the three-time defending men’s champion, incorporates 10 to 15 floor sprints into his workouts. “It’s similar to mile repetitions for a 5K race,” said Purcell, 34, of New Berlin, Ill. “I vary [the sprints] to improve speed on shorter distances.”

“Purcell doesn’t run. He shuffles. “You don’t want to lift your feet too high off the stairs, that’s wasted energy,” he said. “You lift your feet just high enough to get to the next step.”

Ill take your pointers, tips and hopefully report back later today that I made it with my team to the top of the Hilton. I’m not worried about making it within a specific time. My goal is to complete this challenge and say I did it!

Unofficial time and experience to come!

Recap- finished the climb at 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Not bad right! For someone who thought it would take me about 20 just to be sure I didn’t kill over on the stairs!

Gives me something to push to beat next year!




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