The 18 Month Sleep Regression

We have hit it… You know the time when your baby is technically a toddler and they are making their way through a transition, another transition,…and not just any transition but the sleeping transition.

C has finally gotten feeling better and back to sleeping through the night when all of a sudden he’s starting to wake at night and won’t go back to sleep with just a simple reassurance as he has in the past few weeks. I’m confused, tired, perplexed on what is going on….. I’ve been reading and hoping that I would come across the magical solution or wand per say that I could use to make this trying time simply go away and allow everyone in our home get back to their nightly ritual of getting a good night’s sleep with no interruptions. And they lived happily ever after. The End. Hey now, this isn’t a fairy tale or make believe – its real life and therefore life sometimes give us some struggles to push through. This being one of them…

20140226-112507.jpgOur night time ritual for C is simple. Bath by 6:45, Read a few books with lullaby music in the back ground, drink if needed and then cuddle while rocking in rocker until just asleep at 7:30 if not sooner. Now this works for most nights – and he’s out until about 1030-11pm. Then the waking begins. Some nights more than others. I’ve contemplated with “has he had enough to eat at dinner, did he eat something that made his tummy hurt, is it his 2 year old molars, is he wet, lost the pacifier, “ I mean my list could go on and on.

Today 20140226-112514.jpghowever, I have decided (solely because of the research I have done the past few days that has lead me to decide this) he has met with the 18 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION!!! Agggghhhhh

My research has lead me to the following information on sleep regression. Most people use sleep regression to mean that a baby or toddler, who’s been sleeping well, suddenly (often without any warning) begins waking frequently at night and/or refusing to nap during the day. C will nap with no problem however the length is always of question. These regressions usually last for a period of time (anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks), and then the baby’s sleep returns to its normal patterns. And I so hope so!!

Interesting to note too is that babies and toddlers have this sleep regression not just at 18 months! It can occur around 4 months, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18 and then again at 24 months. I’m happy to note that we have just now had to deal with the regression at 18 months and no sooner as some parents might have had to. I hope that after we make it through this one that the 24 month will keep away! I’m happy to say The Baby Sleep Site has been very helpful for me and C as he continues to grow. I used their site a few times in the transition from bassinet to crib and the slight bumps along the way up until today.

20140226-112526.jpgHere are some other helpful websites I have found good useful information in regards to sleep regression and sleep in general for toddlers. My plan to make it through is to stick to our guns and what has worked for us and hope that after the 2-6 weeks that we are back to being sleeping beauties!

The Sleep Lady – Toddler Sleep Problems
The Baby Sleep Site
Sleep Tight Consultants
National Sleep Foundation – Children & Sleep


Our fight for air

Well, today is the day. At 10:55am our team, smokeless and the bandits take on 32 flights of stairs.

As nervous as I am I because of under preparation and a cold that seems to continue to linger I’m hopeful Ill do well. I’ve done some reading and took some pointers of other fellow climbers – slow and steady pace, control breathing from the get go, and taking water as needed at the water stations.

Thank you also to Julie Deardorff and you article in the Chicago Tribune- “During a competition, pay attention to your breathing and find your pace. Nicola suggests not exceeding 30 breaths per minute. If your legs are on fire and your chest is heaving, stop, relax and restart at a reduced pace, he said.

“I break the race apart in three pieces,” said 36-year-old Cindy Harris of Indianapolis, one of the world’s best female stair climbers and the women’s six-time defending champion of the Hancock. At 5 foot 1 and 95 pounds, Harris can fling herself up the stairs. “The first third I find my pace. I work harder in the second [stretch], and in the third, I see what I have left.”

“Terry Purcell, the three-time defending men’s champion, incorporates 10 to 15 floor sprints into his workouts. “It’s similar to mile repetitions for a 5K race,” said Purcell, 34, of New Berlin, Ill. “I vary [the sprints] to improve speed on shorter distances.”

“Purcell doesn’t run. He shuffles. “You don’t want to lift your feet too high off the stairs, that’s wasted energy,” he said. “You lift your feet just high enough to get to the next step.”

Ill take your pointers, tips and hopefully report back later today that I made it with my team to the top of the Hilton. I’m not worried about making it within a specific time. My goal is to complete this challenge and say I did it!

Unofficial time and experience to come!

Recap- finished the climb at 6 minutes and 21 seconds. Not bad right! For someone who thought it would take me about 20 just to be sure I didn’t kill over on the stairs!

Gives me something to push to beat next year!



Nighty, Night, Sleep Tight….

So this weekend starts our sleep training for C. He’s been a great sleeper since he was born. He slept through the night the first night he came home! Awesome right?!? Nothing like his older brother JD, who didn’t sleep through the night until he was 2 years old. Talk about a tired mommy and daddy. When C doesn’t sleep or eat well I know something has to be wrong – maybe ear infection or new tooth.

When we went to Utah and stayed in our condo is where I think started us on the journey to creating a problem. While there C would wake in the night, probably due to not knowing where he was or even better a strange room and not in his crib. When he would wake I would immediately (I know- bad mom) go and get him. He and JD on vacation shared a room and therefore I did not want him to wake his brother. For the entire week when he woke he would lay with mommy on the couch until at least 5-5:30 each morning.

This has continued until now, partly because 1- he has been sick 2- I HATE having him cry when I know he’s not feeling well. Bad mommy I know, but who can have their little one who is coughing, snotty nose, and mild fever, cry it out…..not this sucker (momma). Now that he has been on medicine for his ear infection, got past most of the viral pneumonia couch, and got his final tooth until he’s two, it’s time for mommy to work on getting him back on track.

We have a good bed time schedule set for the boys – after dinner and homework we have play time which allows the boys to run around and get out the last little bit of energy before its time for their baths, quite book time and then bed. C likes to be read to while rocking and listening to soothing classical music or lullabies. C goes down with no problem for us but it’s in 2-3 hours of his falling asleep that he wakes. My nights have consisted of multiple waking to changing diapers, getting drinks and laying with him in our guest bed as I too have been sick and overly tired due to our nightly waking schedule.

When I think about how we will attempt this – I start to cringe, only because I know it will be a few days of roughness. However in the end it will be better for us all in our home! Right?!20140207-145343.jpg

Say a prayer for our home this weekend as we might have a few tired ones on Monday but I know in the end we will be able to do this and get everyone some much needed sleep!

Are you going through the same – here are a few resources I found to be useful. Enjoy!

Sleep Training –
Age-by-Age Sleep Training Guide –
7 Books explaining the most common sleep training methods – Family Education