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New Year, New You but New Me?!?

After a few weeks of not blogging I thought what better time to start back up again – than to get myself rolling with the new year vastly approaching us. With 2013 coming to an end, its time for me to come up with my list of resolutions….which I hope that i can try to be able to check off and complete this year. I’m hoping that it won’t be to hard with our active family! Image

1) OrganizationFirst things first – Organizing!!! This year I want to be more proactive and be more organized at home. I feel a little purging is in our near future. As much as I love to be able to hold on to things that I “might” use again down the road and have yet to do so, its time to do just that! It will take some will power to do but I’ll keep reminding myself its for the best!

2) Take time for myself to enjoy the things I love to do.
Read more – a book a month – that shouldn’t be to hard right!?! Paint more, craft more…..
3) Family Wellness / Fitness
A great gift from my husband to the family this Christmas was a new membership to the Y here in Springfield. I’m looking forward to the classes and know the kids will enjoy their classes and the pool too. Hopefully together 2014 can turn into the family back into a fit one together!

4) Try new recipes/Cook more together as a family
We tend to get in ruts throughout the year/seasons on the meals we like to have and those that are easy to make to get the job done. I’m hopeful with my pinterest boards that we can jazz up our meals and try more enticing entrees as we go!

5) New Business
I’ve been kicking around the idea of my own business (graphic design, analytics, web, etc) and think this year will be the year to start taking bigger steps to making that dream a reality!

To help me complete these goals I will keep blogging each month on the progress making each month its own special project per say. Will you join me and take the new year and make a new “you” too!

Resolution 2014 Pinterest Board of Ideas!


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