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20 Things to Say More Often

Have you ever been part of a conversation or over heard a conversation that included something like:

“Do this….” or “Why haven’t you…” or “This would have been better if…”

I think we could all add many many more to this list. Many times I have felt in conversations I have either been involved in or overheard might have had a better or much different outcome if there were better ways of saying the message. Have you been in one of these situations? I know I have. Probably too many to say the least. I tend to find myself thinking back on a situation/conversation that has happened that could of resulted better. Many times I think we allow ourselves to let our attitudes, the environment we are in, other outside elements to take a simple conversation or simple question to extremes.

I saw a great video the other day quite frankly puts it in perspective. How many of us know the “Kid President”. I know we all have had to at least seen one or two of these adorable but meaningful videos. Well I was happy to come across a friends post on facebook that had the video – Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often. If you haven’t seen it please take a second and watch when you have time.

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Kid President’s 20 Things We Should Say More Often

#13 & #12 – WOW he hit it on the nose! I think many times we forget these two simple things that help make any situation, conversation, etc go better. PLEASE – that is definitely one that we might need to rethink in our house. With both the boys, I know I find myself constantly saying, “Don’t do that, Don’t take that from your brother, Share, etc.” What about you? Do you think saying please might help the conversations in your home go just slightly better?

#10 – I Don’t Know. This one is another great one – I think sometime we find it hard to say that we don’t know. Its not failure – it a time for us to stop, reflect on what the question, quest, whatever you have going on and think – how can I better figure this out? I might not know it now – but together (in my family at least) we can figure it out together. Takes time but together anything is possibly, right?

#5-3 – This is for my boys. I know there are many times that we are trying to talk, J and I would agree, that sounds, the disagreeing, and above all others the yelling happens. AGGGGHHHH – That’s what boys do right!?!?! Guess we need to be more open to letting them express themselves to be happy, to enjoy their life as they have it! Just best when maybe mommy and daddy are not in a deep conversation or trying to give instructions per say?!?

All in all – all very good “things” we should all say more often. Thanks Kid President – you hit this one on the head. You definitely have given us the “things” we say can help make the world more “awesome”. What would you add to it?


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