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Fight the Fight

Have you been looking for something to be proud of or something to give back to?

fightforair2013Last year around this time J had decided he was going to take part in the Fight for Air climb here in Springfield at the Hilton. As much as we all thought that it might not be the best thing for him to participate in (health issues and all) he decided to go through with it. He took the time to practice, go to the weekly/bi-weekly training sessions that were set up for those participating and completed the Fight for Air climb, February 2013. He did wonderful. He pushed himself to the top knowing that anything could happen. We were worried that something might happen as he was pushing himself and his heart. He did so well that he finished the 32 flights in under 5 minutes; 4 minutes and 54 seconds to be exact. We were all so happy for him. A goal to check off the bucket list!

This year he has been adamant in having a team and pushing himself farther. However, this hope has been put on hold. This past weekend J was admitted back to the hospital. He was having V Tach (Ventricular Tachycardia) with his heart rate racing up to 230 beats per minute by the time we made it to the hospital. J was cardioverted to bring his heart rate back to normal. This is now the 2nd time this has had to happen to help his heart convert back to regular beating. We stayed at the hospital overnight and were released in time to make it to JD’s first bitty ball game for this winter season. With changes in his medicine J was released to go back to work and his every day routine.

The Bad News— He is in no way able to play in our indoor soccer league and no way able to take part in the Fight for Air climb in February 2014. This was not great news. It was heart breaking news. How do you go from being a very active athlete who has had no problems up until 2012 who now is being told – “You can coach your sons soccer team, but absolutely you will not be playing anymore. Take up a sport like Golf.” I was in tears for my husband. Sports have been part of his life since he was a little boy and to be told you can no longer do something that you love is heartbreaking.

So – in an effort to still take part in the Fight for Air for my husband – I have created a team “Smokeless and The Bandits”. I don’t plan to race to the top nor do I plan to be the best there is at it. It has become a goal of mine to do for my husband. This is my way of giving back for him….I may not make it to the top but I will try my darn-est to complete the climb for him. So – I ask you, are you looking for something to give back to? To be part of to make the lungs of America better? Join me and my team – Smokeless and The Bandits, help the American Lung Association get a few steps closer to helping those in need.

Fight for Air Climb 2014 – Springfield, IL

Make a donation that will help save life’s!

Join me and my team – Smokeless and The Bandits – Climb 2014


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