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school days…

This fall J started kindergarten. As exciting as it is, it also means my baby boy is growing up. This year J has the delight to be in a class with 20 other children at one of the catholic schools in Springfield. We choose this school, not just because the class sizes are small but also that they excel in their academics, we feel the students there get a better hands-on approach to learning, and help us put God’s word into his day every day. J is a very smart boy. He excels in areas of creativity and is very intrigued to know more each day. Certain topics such as dinosaurs, fossils, writing words/letter, etc are his special these days!

My husband, family and I are entertained with the questions he has to ask us sometimes – mostly at times when our coffee has yet to kick in. Leaving you in a short state of shock to and hopeful that the answer that is about to come out of your mouth is in deed the answer you would want to say, after about a cup and a half. He asks questions on God, Jesus, death, marriage, how did the dinosaurs get here, why did they die, etc. All interesting questions a bright mind would think. He is always thinking, which when he is older and in high school might make it very interesting for us!

medium_6282476027I know J is not always the most perfect child; no child is. They all have their times when they just aren’t feeling right, something upsets them, they don’t agree, their tired etc. I will say though, in our house we try to do what we can to be open to others, to their thinking and upbringing. We try to stay open minded. My husband and I come from two different family dynamics…..which has been great. It has helped us to see the world as we live in with eyes open. We try to embrace the Peace Builder pledge that his school uses at home as he and his classmate do at school.

The other morning J asked me why one of his school mates would tell him he would be the only one not invited to be at his sleepover. Puzzled I first didn’t respond. I’m not quite sure I would probably allow him in the first place to go to a sleep over only being in kindergarten and all, but then I responded – “Are you sure that is what he said?”. J didn’t say much more after that. He went back to eating his breakfast. It got me thinking…..Is there something going on at school I should know about? Why would this little boy say such a thing. Did they disagree at school sometime? Are they just not nice to each other? This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. What is amazing is even in pre-school I saw things like this happening and not only to J. It starts so young.

I want to be sure that J knows that it was ok that he and his friends sometimes don’t agree or get along. There might be times where he might not be included in something and he shouldn’t be upset. Sometimes these things happen. Its part of growing up. I know young children often react before really understanding what might have happened and I truly think and hope that what had happened at school was truly a misunderstanding. What makes it hard for me as J’s mom is knowing that deep down he does care about all of his friends and really would like to be included as much as possible. Friends will come and friends will go but hopefully he will be strong in his faith and those that God wants to be in his life will stick with him as they grow older together.



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