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constant juggling

I read a post the other day – “Daughters Diary : My Mom gets Mad at Me” – and thought I would share it too. After I read the entire post it got me thinking – wow, do I do this with my two little ones? Do I continue to rush around day in and day out and forget to take time for them, with them enjoying the little things?

I know in the world we live in today that moms and dads are pushed to do so much. I am a big multi-tasker and I tend to give myself a good amount of things to check off on my check list however, in reality, may only get to a few of the items on the list. There are literally days where I feel I haven’t accomplished anything because something comes up or we need to run to this place or that place. Even on days when the children are not feeling well, which leads to either myself or my husband getting sick…..it sometimes is an endless cycle we weave. Do you ever wonder, if we all weren’t so “techy” with our cell phones, email, social media, etc on us 24/7 that we might actually have some breathing room. Some time to actually sit down and enjoy a family meal, to read a book, to enjoy the nature in our backyard…..family

I want to quote Brigid – “Because when you’re exhausted, when, as one reader wrote me, you’re “one sick kid away from a nervous breakdown,” it’s close to impossible to do the kind of meaningful work you’d like to do, or to be the kind of loving parent who never loses their cool that you’d like to be, much less get the laundry done or take a few moments of downtime. It’s close to impossible, sometimes, to even feel like you’re inhabiting your life, rather than holding onto it for dear life with your fingernails as it flies past.”

Wow! Been there, done that….

For me, my world has changed drastically with both of the boys. They both have different needs, wants and likes. Everything was pretty easy when we had J, however when we added C things changed. We had two that needed our attention, support and love. I hate a messy house. I hate having dishes pile up, yard work to do, etc. But to be honest, I hate it more that one of my kids has to wait to have me read to them, color with them, or even snuggle with them. The house work can wait. Work can wait. My kids will only be young once and why would I want to miss out on it just to have a clean house for a day. 🙂

What I hope you get from reading Brigid’s blog and my relating to her, is that you are not along. I think everyone gets it. You have to recognize it to change it. You have one life to live…..you should live it to your fullest!

Have a most wonderful Wednesday!


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