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it happens for a reason

We’ve all heard it before, “it happened for a reason” or “everything happens for a reason”, but really how many individuals actually believe this phrase. If you were to ask me 10-15 years ago I would say at that time, no its crap, however now that I am 33 years old and have gone through some difficult times that I never thought I would, I truly do believe that things do happen for a reason.

As I was working the other day, I met a very interesting and intelligent man this past week at the downtown farmers market and had a very nice conversation. This individual was a retiree who in 2007 had a significant medical difficultly that led him and his providers to believe he would never be able to move around again; be a paraplegic from his waste down for the rehopest of his life. He being a very God fearing man, said he didn’t believe what they said. He knew he was being challenged by God. He went through physical therapy, went through additional obstacle but indeed started to move around, even if it was mostly in a motorized cart, around. He was told he would never be able to do this. There was no hope. However – He took their disbelief and his faith and did what they told him he couldn’t. He is now living proof that his faith in God and taking the challenges God put before him can in deed move hills, and hopefully mountains. Sometimes it might be small baby steps…..but in time things can get better.

As I listen intently to his story, it made we realize I have too been in a similar situation. In 2012 my husband started experiencing heart rhythm issues. May 2012 was the first instance. I was 6 months pregnant with our second son and helping my older son upstairs when J came into the house asking for me to come downstairs. I knew something wasn’t right. J had mentioned he had just started to get ready to power-wash the fence when he went to stand back up from connecting the hose to the washer when he started to feel light headed and his heart started to race. We were lucky he made it back into the house. My husband was experiencing WPW – Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome, however neither of us knew what to do. We hurried and got our son and ourselves in to our car and took off to the ER. The whole time not knowing exactly what was happening but very concerned and frightened. When we finally got to the ER and were finally taken back to a bay, J’s heart rate was over 300 beats per minute.

Everything was happening so fast. Doctors, nurses, ER staff rushed in and out of our room. We knew it was serious when they started to bring in everyone at once. They were about to use the paddles on him and shock him, but as they started to lay him down, his heart converted itself. Thank God! J stayed in the hospital and had a cardiac ablation to correct the WPW. It was a long recovery, not so much physically but more mentally for J and our family. After this experience, I know both J and I knew each day is a blessing. I truly had thought I was going to lose my husband, my best friend. I was scared and afraid. I was worried for our family; mostly for our sons, one who loves his father with all his heart and one that I was afraid would not even be able to meet his father. It made me realize not to take things for granted. You never know when in a second things could change in an instant and you may never be able to go back. We have had a few additional experiences with J’s heart and the abnormal fast heart beating (arrhythmias) and we are still looking and hoping to find the reason, the cause of why this continues to happen.

You’re probably wondering now why did she talk about this guy from the market and how does it relate to her story about her husband?? Well, to be frank, I wish they could meet. See after the first instance, J seemed to have lost hope. He was frustrated with God. Didn’t understand why he would have this happen to him. He was very emotional, and really who wouldn’t be. During recover from the ablation he was unable to hold or pick up JD and that really hurt both of them. JD was afraid he was going to hurt his daddy and was scared since he was in the hospital. He pulled away from him until he was able to realize that “daddy is going to be alright”. It hurt to hear him become frustrated with God for having this happen to him. Why me, why my family…..of all things his heart is not replaceable or something you can live without. He hates the “It happens for a reason” phrase, however I truly feel God only gives us what he knows we can handle and knows we can overcome. We are given truly only what he has a plan for us. Even in times when we have no idea why he does things, there is a reason. The hard part is that sometimes what cards we are dealt are really not the cards we want, for instance J’s heart issues. I’m hopeful that we together as a family will find the reason this happens, find someone who can help fix it and help us continue to live God’s way.

Have a blessed Sunday and a wonderful start of your week!


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